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Why do you look so dirty and slovenly when you wear a sweatshirt? (These 3 minefields are the key to avoid being beautiful)

Whenever autumn arrives, there are many representative items, such as elegant and intellectual shirts, and gentle and lazy sweaters. , as well as handsome and elegant suit-type items, etc. Each item has an inhe…

Whenever autumn arrives, there are many representative items, such as elegant and intellectual shirts, and gentle and lazy sweaters. , as well as handsome and elegant suit-type items, etc. Each item has an inherent attribute, and it can form a different style when matched with other items.

Sweatshirts are also the most popular item among women after autumn. There is no age limit and there are many ways to match them. But although sweatshirts are said to be a good way to reduce age, and the style can be salty or sweet, many girls still make mistakes when wearing sweatshirts.

Why do you look so dirty and slovenly when you wear a “sweatshirt”? These 3 minefields are the key to avoid accurate beauty!

Avoid these 3 minefields when wearing sweatshirts

Minefield 1: The neckline is too big or too small

The neckline of any clothing is a detail that cannot be ignored. Many girls only care about the overall shape of the sweatshirt and do not consider the neckline. The size of the neckline of the sweatshirt determines the modification of the face.

When the neckline is too small, there will be a depressing feeling, and it is also very uncomfortable for the individual to wear, while the neckline is too small and exposed. The skin area will be smaller, and the face will look bigger and the neck will be shorter; if the neckline is too large, it will expose the bad trapezius muscles, especially for some girls with wide or narrow shoulders, which will not form a good modification effect.

The best neckline position should be just enough to expose the collarbone. It is recommended that fat girls can also try it. When choosing a sweatshirt, with the appropriate neckline, it can also change your face shape and overall body shape.

Of course, if you have a sweatshirt with a small neckline, it is recommended to choose a high-collar base or tie it into a ponytail when matching. . In this way, there will be a certain stretch in the upper body from the collar to the top of the head, and it will not make people feel very depressed.

Minefield 2: Slim fit

Nowadays is an era where large styles are particularly popular, and the styles are loose and tolerant to the body shape. Sweatshirts are originally a representative of casual sports style. The tight-fitting style completely deprives the sweatshirt style of its characteristics, overemphasizes the curves of the body, and fails to create the atmosphere of a sweatshirt.

Moreover, the slim fit fits tightly against the body and can appear very bloated. For neutral-style sweatshirts, Appropriate looseness will make it more versatile and have a strong ability to modify the figure.

But you also need to note that no matter what your body shape is, when choosing a sweatshirt, if you want to wear it fashionably, They all need to be loose and appropriate.

Even the oversize style needs to be appropriately loose, otherwise it will look particularly sloppy. In many southern areas, if you choose a loose-fitting sweatshirt, it is recommended to make the lower body disappear. This solution will make you look more fashionable and make your legs longer.

Minefield 3: Sweaters with too many fashion elements

I believe many people have discovered that solid color sweatshirts are the most attractive. They can have some small letters or 1 or 2 patterns on them. . This style is both classic and popular, and has a strong sense of atmosphere. However, when walking on the street nowadays, you will find that there are many sweatshirts that represent street fashion. They have many fashion elements spliced ​​together and are incompatible with the overall style. It looks extremely chaotic.

The most common thing is the splicing of colors or patterns. As a result, you don’t know what color to match with the flashy lower body. This It’s difficult to match this style once you get it, let alone wear it regularly on a daily basis.

The correct way to open a sweatshirt

When choosing Yiyuan, I successfully avoided some minefields, and what is left is very suitable for daily wear. It can be a solid color, and the neckline is simply just right. Although sweatshirts are very versatile, if you want to stand out from the crowd and wear the characteristics of a sweatshirt, you still need some skills.

Tip 1: Advanced stacking method

After the fall, it is really easy to layer items such as sweatshirts. When used on sweatshirts, it gives a sense of layering and enriches the matching of styles. And regarding another item for layering, there is no need to be too complicated. Choosing a T-shirt or a shirt is very slim and attractive.

The bottoming T-shirt can directly expose the cuffs and hem, which is surprisingly good for body modification, especially for pears. Just wear it according to your body shape.

You can also choose to wear a shirt inside. When the sweatshirt and shirt are combined, it adds a formal feeling. Exposing the neckline will make the overall shape look layered and three-dimensional, and the slimming effect is also very good. The round-neck sweatshirt was originally relatively simple, but when layered over the collar of a shirt, it was full of age-reducing style, instantly returning to the college days.

Tip 2: Accessories create exquisiteness

Same as other items, sweatshirts are very versatile, but they are also relatively ordinary. Therefore, in order to make the style more personalized and distinctive, accessories need to be used to create a sense of fashion and sophistication, which also enhances the look. overall style. For example, baseball caps that have the same style as sweatshirts belong to the sports and leisure style. When worn on the head combined with the sweatshirt, it is full of street fashion and will not feel exaggerated.

It can also be paired with a sports-style bag. The overall proportion of the center of gravity stretches the lower body upward, showing high legs and being very casual. Gives a sense of fashion. For girls who like to be trendy and cool on the street, you can also use metal chains to create a fashionable look. Moreover, if metal chains are used well, they will have a good modification effect on the proportions of the face.

Tip 3: Matching underwear should be light and thin

After autumn, sweatshirts have a certain thickness. The reason why many fat girls don’t look good in sweatshirts is because they are pushed up by their breasts. Even a loose version is prone to overturning. If this is a problem, the underwear should be as light and thin as possible to reduce the presence of this part so that it does not look heavy. And for fat girls, Reduce the presence of breasts and the overall appearance will be very slim.

Sweatshirts are a single item that can be matched in three seasons. Choosing a sweatshirt that suits you can create a variety of styles and make it practical and fashionable. feel.

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