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How to wear a sweatshirt in autumn (these types of bottoms are popular this year)

Sweatshirts are almost a must-have item for everyone in autumn. The style is classic and youthful, and it is the favorite of many people in autumn. However, although there are many styles of sweatshirts, some p…

Sweatshirts are almost a must-have item for everyone in autumn. The style is classic and youthful, and it is the favorite of many people in autumn.

However, although there are many styles of sweatshirts, some people cannot hold them up because of their wide styles. We must pay special attention to the matching of bottoms. Only by choosing the right items and matching bottoms can our outfits be slimmer and more fashionable.

The advantage of sweatshirts is that they are undefinable, and because of the stylethey are more tolerant of body shapes . However, inclusiveness can easily become its shortcoming: either too fat and strong, or too thin to hold up.

How to wear a sweatshirt in autumn? These types of “bottoms” are popular this year, making you look slimmer and taller in fashion!

How to choose the style of sweatshirt?

Round neck sweatshirt

This kind of sweatshirt is the simplest style and the design is relatively simple. Mainly, the neckline adopts a low-cut and round-neck design, which highlights the neck and shoulders. It requires a very thin person to wear it in style. If you have a fat upper body, then this unmodified round neck will make our outfit look stronger.

Hooded sweatshirt

This kind of sweatshirt will be more tolerant to the body shape. It mainly has a hooded design on the collar, and at the same time, the connection between the collar and the hood is designed to have a special stand-up collar feel. Therefore, the neckline will look more unique when worn, and it will look more modified than a round neck. For girls with broad shoulders, a hooded sweatshirt will look better than a round neck sweatshirt.

Polo neck sweatshirt

The design of this sweatshirt is somewhat similar to the previous baseball uniform. It has a small lapel of a different color, so it looks a bit like a British-style coat. It is also because of the stand-up collar design that it makes those with short necks , Girls with broad shoulders can have a good finishing effect by wearing a sweatshirt with this kind of neckline.

How can a sweater look better with bottoms?

Wide at top and short at bottom

Most of the designs of sweatshirts are straight, so they don’t have a sense of slimming. In order to avoid wearing them to look chunky, we can choose to wear them with a wider top and shorter bottom, such as wearing shorts or a skirt under a sweatshirt. The short bottom contrasts with the width of the top, making our outfit slimmer.

Width at top and width at bottom

Many girls have wider waists and thighs, so they cannot wear tight pants to avoid highlighting the waist defects. However, we can choose to wear straight trousers and a wider sweatshirt when wearing a sweatshirt. This will weaken the spaciousness of the sweatshirt and create a straighter look.

Wide at the top and close at the bottom

One ​​of the more popular pairings of sweatshirts now is to pair them with sweatpants. Because the sweatpants have an inward design on the trouser legs, they look wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. It looks like they are tightened. The overall effect of a similarly wide sweatshirt is a tightening feeling from top to bottom.

Wide at the top and tight at the bottom

This way of dressing is popular in Europe and the United States, mainly to highlight the beauty of the body. Use a loose sweatshirt and pair it with tight seamless pants or sweatpants to highlight your slimming figure. At the same time, use a wide sweatshirt to make your lower body look longer. Therefore, when we wear them, we look slimmer. However, if you have fat legs, it is not recommended to wear it like thisof.

Daily matching demonstration of sweatshirts

Sweatshirts with shorts

Because sweatshirts are roomy, we can wear them with shorts It can be used as an embellishment to highlight the slenderness of the legs, while also weakening the sense of breadth of the sweatshirt. This way of wearing is very suitable for tall girls, especially showing long legs.

Sweatshirt with skirt

Students like those who have just graduated can wear a sweatshirt with a skirt underneath. If you are slimmer, you can wear this kind of half-length straight skirt, which makes you look more ladylike without the childishness of a student. .

The sweater paired with a miniskirt under the skirt is a relatively open outfit. It is not suitable for commuting to work, but is more suitable for daily life or going out for fun. Age-reducing and cute.

Sweatshirt with trousers

Sweatshirts and trousers are relatively conventional outfits. However, when we match trousers, try not to pair them with bell-bottom pants. The legs of bell-bottom pants themselves are relatively wide, so they will look wider at the top and wider at the bottom. Choose straight legs. Trousers or harem pants will have a better effect when worn this way, and the legs will appear straighter.

Sweatshirts are a relatively common item in autumn clothing, but with so many people wearing them, it is not only easy to bump into clothes, but also easy to get into trouble. Therefore, we are choosing this kind of item. When it comes to basic styles, try to choose bottoms that are slimmer and taller for matching. This way, not only will the overall effect of the outfit be better, but it will also look slimmer.

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