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How to wear T-shirts from the street in a new way (match them with a girly look and wear them easily)

Although girls have a lot of summer outfit choices, the most versatile item to choose from is always a T-shirt. Solid color T-shirts are simple and versatile, and printed T-shirts are Fashionable and individual…

Although girls have a lot of summer outfit choices, the most versatile item to choose from is always a T-shirt. Solid color T-shirts are simple and versatile, and printed T-shirts are Fashionable and individual, bright-colored T-shirts are eye-catching and full of vitality. Different styles create different fashion aesthetics. It is precisely because T-shirts are easy to wear and not picky, and their popularity is getting stronger and stronger. Many girls complain that T-shirts are difficult to wear. Wear something new, but that’s not the case. If you want to wear T-shirts that are already on the street with a unique aesthetic, you might as well follow Yang Mi’s style and wear them with a girly look.

Stacking is the most common method of dressing during the change of seasons. It not only solves the problem of monotonous styling, but also brings complementary effects, improving certain The utilization of basic styles makes girls’ wardrobes neater and more orderly. In fact, summer T-shirts can also be layered to create more exciting looks. This kind of dressing often appears in Yang Mi’s looks. This way, this look is a good example. The white T-shirt and light yellow inner layer are fresh and lively. The double ponytails are youthful and playful. At the age of 33, she looks like she is 18 years old.

When choosing a layering method, the design of the single product is best to be loose or slim. The combination of elasticity and tightness not only creates a sense of layering, but also makes it difficult to bulk up the shape. Or wear it to give a tight feeling, and slim-fitting items are generally used as inner wear. The shape is not too compact and close-fitting, and the overall look also looks much neater and neater. The white T-shirt Yang Mi is wearing has a loose design. It is relatively lazy and casual, and the light yellow inner layer is tailored to be slim-fitting. There is an appropriate sense of space between the two, and the exposed neckline and sleeve hem form a sharp contrast.

In addition to paying attention to the details of the pattern when layering single products, you also have to pay more attention to the color selection. For example, the basic color is a versatile color. The foil effect can also play a transitional role. In addition, the compatibility of most colors is not high. Improper matching will cause a sense of disharmony and the shape can easily overturn. It is recommended to learn more color matching techniques, such as combining dark and light, and the same color system. Matching and color matching are common color matching techniques. For styles that are too bright, you can use basic colors to transition. Yang Mi used white to reduce the publicity of yellow.

The slimming effect of black T-shirts is always accompanied by a sense of dullness. The style when worn is very dull and boring, and it is easy to make people look more old-fashioned. , if the tailoring design is not excellent, this shortcoming can be solved by layering. For example, adding light-colored items can reduce the dullness and bring a bit of freshness to the look. Black, as one of the basic colors, will add to the rest of the look. The color is very tolerant. Yang Mi wears a black T-shirt with mint green inner wear, which is very refreshing and natural. The fresh and eye-catching color seems to have a cooling effect, making it less stuffy.

If you think the mint green color is too light and the spotlight-stealing effect is not strong enough, you can also try more colorful inner wear, such as rose red, bright red, etc. You can boldly try pink or even fluorescent green. With the calm black as a background, you can easily hold on to the style with high color saturation. It is not as picky as wearing it alone, but the eye-catching effect is not reduced at all. Yang Mi is wearing black Pairing a T-shirt with a rose red see-through shirt is sexy and fashionable. The thin see-through shirt further reduces the heaviness of the black T-shirt and can also provide sun protection. It is both practical and fashionable.

To reduce the cumbersomeness of the layered look, the design of the selected items must not be too complicated. If you feel that the items are too ordinary, the look will be monotonous. If you want to be simple, you have to use the technique of combining traditional and simple to reduce the chance of error and avoid the style being too fancy and making people feel visual fatigue. If you want to choose printed items for layering, it is best not to make the design too complicated, which will not highlight the key points. To add to the burden, Yang Mi’s T-shirt looks just fine. Although both pieces are printed designs, the printed patterns are relatively simple and not too cluttered.

The basic white T-shirt has the strongest versatility and seems to complement any combination of items, but it is difficult to wear it outstandingly, whether it is The design and tailoring are very ordinary, and layering is the simplest and clearest way to get rid of the popular feeling. For example, the combination of suspenders + T-shirt is very feminine. The white T here serves as an inner layer to reduce the exposure of the suspender skirt. She has a sense of style, and her style is a bit sweeter. Yang Mi once wore a white T-shirt and a blue suspender skirt to attend an event. She was cute, sweet and intellectual. She wore a half-crown hairdo to look more�Girlish.

How to wear T-shirts that are worn out on the street in a new way? Follow Yang Mi’s matching style, and you can easily wear it with a girly look. Yang Mi is truly the “Queen of Product Delivery”. A simple T-shirt can be matched with so many styles, and the styles are ever-changing and each has its own characteristics. After seeing Yang Mi’s T-shirt styles, do you still think T-shirts are bad on the street? Come and learn it quickly.

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