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V-neck T-shirt paired with bag skirt is simple and intellectual (really outstanding temperament)

Women in the fourth grade do not favor skirts when dressing. They find them cumbersome and procrastinating. They are inconvenient in certain situations and are not as smart and neat as trousers. It is true that…

Women in the fourth grade do not favor skirts when dressing. They find them cumbersome and procrastinating. They are inconvenient in certain situations and are not as smart and neat as trousers. It is true that skirts have a certain sense of cumbersomeness, but it is undeniable that skirts are better in interpreting female charm. Dresses are simple and elegant, while skirts are fashionable and more flexible in matching. Ma Yili has many styles. Mainly skirts, this time I wore a V-neck T-shirt with a bag skirt, which is simple and intellectual, and I don’t look like a celebrity in my dressing, but my temperament is really outstanding.

T-shirt is a must-have item for summer wear. There are many styles to choose from, and the difficulty of matching is also very low. The simple and casual style is It is still very popular among older women. Among them, dark T-shirts have the highest appearance rate. The effect of covering the flesh and slimming can appropriately reduce the bloated feeling caused by gaining weight. However, dark T-shirts have a slightly darker feeling, so it is recommended to choose a V-neck. Styles with skin-exposed designs such as square collars or square collars are better. The blue T in Ma Yili’s look is a large V cut, which brings a visual sense of coolness and the overall feeling is not so boring and restrictive.

T-shirts are basic items and can be paired with countless bottoms. If you want a more feminine look, choose a skirt. The elegant design shows the gentle charm of women, and the skirt is more tolerant to the legs and is not as restrictive as the trousers. Especially the loose skirt is more comfortable to wear. Ma Yili used a skirt this time Pair it with a T-shirt. The loose fit is as casual as a bag. The slightly tucked-in way of wearing it not only highlights the waistline, but also adds a bit of laziness. Matching it with the same color gives a high-end feel.

The role of accessories in styling can be large or small. When the dressing style is simple and plain, appropriate accessories can play a “finishing point” , if the overall outfit is full, rich and bright, accessories may increase the burden of the style and make it feel cumbersome. This depends on the individual’s matching ability. For example, Ma Yili’s airport style is very simple and elegant, including T-shirts and skirts. It is a single solid color with no unnecessary decoration. She added accessories on her neck and hands to have a good embellishment effect, and her neck will not look too empty.

“One outfit and multiple wears” is not common in celebrities’ styles. In order to maintain freshness and topicality, their outfits are rarely repeated. items, but Ma Yili is an exception. Her private clothes give people the impression of being very frugal and simple. It is normal for her to wear the same item repeatedly. Different combinations bring different experiences, like this bag skirt. I have also worn it in airport outfits before. Replacing the blue V-neck T-shirt with a white printed T-shirt feels fresher. The combination of one light and one dark gives a more layered look and is not as monotonous as the same color.

In addition to enriching the matching colors, the selected skirt can also use contrasting color design to add highlights, solving the monotony of the style and making it more fashionable and eye-catching. , if you don’t know how to match colors to reduce the sense of dissonance, choose a style with basic color splicing. The color compatibility is high and it is not easy to feel abrupt. The skirt in Ma Yili’s look is a similar design. The skirt is made of black and blue. Made of spliced ​​pieces, it is calm, neat and fashionable. Although it is a dark color, it does not feel dull. Paired with a short sweater, it is uninhibited and classy.

The design style of skirts is very versatile. Changes in tailoring and design will change the style of the item. For example, pleated skirts are very youthful and age-reducing, and pleated skirts are very elegant when walking. It is smart and shows maximum layering, but these pleats will also expand the hem of the skirt and make it more voluminous. It is not very friendly to girls with a fat lower body. It will make the figure appear thicker. Wear the pleated skirt into a “seamless skirt” “It’s embarrassing. Ma Yili, who has entered middle age, has no signs of gaining weight. Wearing a pleated skirt is stress-free, and she looks fresh with a blue shirt.

In fact, for middle-aged women, the skirt design they choose does not need to be too complicated, just be decent and generous. A style that is too fancy will only make it look flattering. People are more exaggerated and pretentious, which does not match their age and temperament. Secondly, the fabrics must be of high quality, and the style will be more textured. As long as the fabrics pass the test, no matter how simple the design is, you can wear an extraordinary style, like You can try chiffon fabrics, silk fabrics and velvet fabrics. This black skirt on Ma Yili is made of chiffon, which is light, soft and floaty.Yi, very intellectual and elegant.

Ma Yili doesn’t dress like a star. The V-neck T-shirt and bag skirt are simple and intellectual, and her temperament is really outstanding. The dressing style of middle-aged women should not be limited by age, but should maintain their personal style. They can be bold and confident in choosing styles, and have the courage to try new styles to improve their personal charm. A 44-year-old like Ma Yili still looks young at 24. The sense of vitality and temperament have not diminished but increased. Do you like Ma Yili, the female star?

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