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The slender waist under the T-shirt is too eye-catching (I don’t even dare to do this in photos)

Age is just a series of ordinary numbers for the female stars in the industry, and it seems to have little impact on their external image. The charm accumulated over the years is even better than before. Some o…

Age is just a series of ordinary numbers for the female stars in the industry, and it seems to have little impact on their external image. The charm accumulated over the years is even better than before. Some of the older actresses dress in a very youthful style, and with proper maintenance, they are still beautiful even if they are over fifty years old. They are known as “age goddesses”. Xiao Qiang, the former most beautiful woman in Taiwan, belongs to this category. At the age of 51, he still maintains a good figure that looks like a “fake”. The thin waist under the T-shirt is so eye-catching that I don’t even dare to do it in photos.

The most indispensable item in summer outfits is T-shirts. The many styles provide girls with rich choices. They are simple, versatile and easy to wear. Almost Neither the figure nor the temperament is chosen. Although the main style is casual, the style is not single. For example, the slim-fitting T-shirt looks more mature and sexy. The body curve is stronger under the close-fitting tailoring, which becomes a plus point for the style. Xiao Qiang The T-shirt in this look is a slim fit, which takes full advantage of her figure and shows her proud figure. The S-shaped line under her side is really impressive.

The styling style of T-shirt + skirt is both sweet and salty but also fashionable. It is the most popular group of CP in T-shirt wear. There are countless styles of these two items, and the styles they can match are ever-changing, and they can hold up to almost any occasion. If the T-shirt you choose has an average design, then the skirt you choose can be more fashionable and try to avoid the style being too much. Monotonous, the combination of traditional and simple is more layered. Xiao Qiang wears a printed skirt under a white tight-fitting T. The colorful printing elements enhance the fashion sense of the style and make it more lively.

Refreshing and neat short hair styles are indeed very popular among older women and can make them look younger and energetic. However, not all older women are suitable for short hair. Those with larger or longer faces look better with long hair. Tied into a high ponytail or a round head also has the effect of reducing age. Xiao Qiang feels like a gentle and temperamental beauty, and the elegant long hair style is more in line with her personality. As for the character, this time she still appeared with long hair. The two small braids on both sides of the hair are too girly. She looks so girly and does not look like she is 51 years old!

Sexy tight-fitting T-shirts are not often seen in older women’s styles. In reality, most women gain weight as they age. A piece that is too slim will not only make you feel restrained, but will also expose your body. The shortcomings of their body shape reduce their personal charm, so many older women prefer loose styles when choosing styles. The same is true for T-shirts. The white T-shirt in Xiao Qiang’s look is a looser version. The pure white color is fresh and elegant, and the shoulders Adding flower decorations to the place highlights the sense of design and gets rid of the monotony of pure white T.

It is said that basic white T-shirts are terrible. The design is simple and ordinary and difficult to wear with new ideas. In fact, this is not the case. It is precisely because the design of white T-shirts is simple enough that It gives it more room for style development. Changes in wearing methods and matching make it shine with different brilliance. The key depends on the individual’s dressing level. The white T-shirt in Xiao Qiang’s look is not at all It’s not ordinary. The sleeves are turned up for a cool and layered look. The hem is knotted to reveal a slender waist, making the look more sexy and eye-catching. The originally popular white T-shirt instantly doubles its fashionability.

Wearing clothes with knotted hems is not uncommon in the fashion circle. It raises the waistline and shows off the slender waist to create an eye-catching look. The proportions are also better optimized. A regular T-shirt can be worn with a knotted hem to give the impression of a navel-baring T-shirt. It is more personalized and trendy than wearing a navel-baring top directly, and the shape is not too lifeless, making the overall look more attractive. For recognition, you can follow Xiao Qiang’s example and choose printed T-shirts, adding printed patterns as embellishments, so that the look is not too monotonous and dull, and the charming waistcoat line can be seen clearly under the hem.

Although dark-colored T-shirts are very slimming, they tend to absorb heat and make the look more stuffy in summer. In comparison, light-colored T-shirts are not as popular in the spotlight. High, in fact, it is not difficult to solve the shortcomings of dark T-shirts. Just add a skin-exposed design to “cool down” the look. You can also knot the hem to expose the skin and improve the coolness of the look. Xiao Qiang is using this fitness outfit. The way the hem is knotted reduces the dullness of the black T-shirt, and when paired with bodybuilding pants, it is full of energy. The clear-cut waistcoat line makes many girls sore. Such strong self-discipline is beyond the reach of ordinary people.�

51-year-old Xiao Qiang has a “fake” figure, and her slender waist under the T-shirt is so eye-catching that even the P-pictures don’t dare to be so fake. T-shirts that look like ordinary people can become very fashionable and eye-catching as long as you change the way you wear them. It does not necessarily have to have a strong sense of design to be innovative. It is recommended to refer to the T-shirt styles of fashionistas and study how they make simple ones. Wearing extraordinary T-shirts gradually improves your personal dressing level. What do you think of Xiao Qiang’s look this time?

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