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Wearing a cartoon T-shirt and short shorts (38 years old looks like an 18-year-old)

No matter what season it is, shirts are an indispensable part of women’s wardrobes. Their styles and designs no longer conform to the traditional image of professional attire, but are rich and diverse. Th…

No matter what season it is, shirts are an indispensable part of women’s wardrobes. Their styles and designs no longer conform to the traditional image of professional attire, but are rich and diverse. The style can meet the dressing requirements of multiple occasions, and there are more choices than ever in terms of matching, whether for leisure or commuting. For example, Li Xiaolu recently wore a see-through shirt to the airport, paired with a cartoon T-shirt and short shorts to show off her “cartoon legs.” The 38-year-old looks like an 18-year-old, which is really girly.

If you want to talk about the popular colors in 2020, purple must be indispensable, especially taro purple and lavender purple. The color saturation is not high and the brightness is reduced. The brightness of the tone is a bit more “matte” than deep purple and bright purple. It is gentle and romantic, but also has a sweet and dreamy color. It shows whiteness and temperament, and can hold even yellow and black skin. Li Xiaolu wore a taro purple shirt for her airport look this time, paired with a cartoon-printed T-shirt. The whole look was eye-catching and girlish, making the 38-year-old look like an 18-year-old.

See-through shirts can be said to be the most suitable shirt item to wear in summer. Light and comfortable, it can bring “double cooling” both physically and visually. However, see-through shirts have a strong sense of perspective. In order to avoid being exposed, you should try to wear them with suspenders or T-shirts. For example, Li Xiaolu wore a see-through shirt with a T-shirt. Her personality is casual and street style. In addition, the two items are of the same color, which makes the whole outfit eye-catching but not inconsistent.

When choosing shirts, many petite girls mainly choose short shirts and do not consider mid-length shirts. , but in fact, as long as you match it well, choose an item with the same length as the shirt, or wear it directly as a shirt skirt. A mid-length shirt can make your legs appear taller and longer than a short shirt. Li Xiaolu’s look is a correct example. Pairing a mid-length see-through shirt with a T-shirt and shorts can expose your long legs to the maximum extent, and at the same time make the look very trendy and avant-garde.

In terms of practical wearability and versatility, I believe that no shirt can match the white shirt, and it can be matched with basically any color item. Match. However, as a representative item of professional attire, white shirts, if you don’t choose some styles with special cuts and designs, you will need to put a lot of effort into dressing them to avoid being formal. Li Xiaolu’s shirt style is relatively novel both in terms of selection and matching. She chose a white shirt embellished with bow ties and paired it with a blue skirt. The entire look is both casual and high-end.

There are also trendy styles in white shirts. The slanted shoulder white shirt is one of them. Its style breaks through the small lapel design of traditional shirts and adopts The neckline cut with sloping shoulders has an asymmetrical contrasting beauty. It can also show off the collarbone and shoulder line on one side, thereby elongating the neck line and adding a bit of sexy charm to the look. The white shirt Li Xiaolu is wearing is a slant-shoulder shirt. The loose version adds a lazy tone. Paired with a high-waisted striped skirt that also has a sense of design, a chic commuting look is completed.

Solid color shirt not eye-catching enough? Then try a plaid shirt. Although this type of item has always been labeled as a “men’s shirt for science and engineering”, in fact, as long as you avoid the old-fashioned and dull plaid colors such as red and black, red and yellow, and blue and black, the choice is more eye-catching and not easy. With the wrong color matching, you can wear a unique and trendy style of printed items. For example, the plaid shirt Li Xiaolu is wearing is a good choice. The collision of orange and green is eye-catching. Paired with a T-shirt of the same orange color, it can avoid the whole outfit from looking gaudy due to too many colors.

Speaking of plaid shirts, naturally we should also mention striped shirts, especially vertical striped shirts, which can be visually elongated through vertical lines. In proportion to the body modification, it has a certain slimming effect. Girls who are slightly fat can learn more from these elements, which will not only increase the fashion sense of the item, but also make their body shape slimmer and slender. Li Xiaolu chose a vertical striped shirt for this outfit, combined with an asymmetrical splicing print design.�The whole piece is twice as fashionable.

If you prefer a casual street style, you can try a denim shirt. The combination of stiff denim fabric and three-dimensional shirt pattern can bring a comfortable and stylish upper body effect. Even if it is a very ordinary style, denim fabric can be used to inject a bit of street feel into the item. For example, Li Xiaolu wore a denim shirt in this look. The knotted hem is more stylish and stylish, and it can also tighten the waist and highlight the waistline.

Li Xiaolu is still trying to achieve a girlish look, wearing cartoon T-shirts and short shorts, and at the age of 38, she looks like an 18-year-old. If you don’t want to wear a shirt with a formal feel, you can learn from Li Xiaolu’s shirt style. Starting from the selection and matching, you can easily wear it to be personalized and show off your figure.

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