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Wearing a cartoon T-shirt and slit pants to look young (wearing a pink hat is a good girl)

Girls with good figures like to wear various suspenders and tube tops in summer, which are cool, sexy and eye-catching, while girls who are not in good shape mostly wear T-shirts. Mainly, it is simple, elegant …

Girls with good figures like to wear various suspenders and tube tops in summer, which are cool, sexy and eye-catching, while girls who are not in good shape mostly wear T-shirts. Mainly, it is simple, elegant and eye-catching. In addition, T-shirts are one of the basic styles. They are versatile and can be worn multiple times without any pressure. The increase in the utilization rate of single items just frees up more space in the wardrobe, and sisters can also save money. When it was time to dress, Yao Chen wore a T-shirt to the airport this time. The cartoon style and slit pants successfully “looked young”. He wore a little pink hat and looked like a girl. His charm has not diminished at the age of 40.

There is no doubt that the black T-shirt has a slimming effect. As one of the basic colors, it is easy to wear and versatile. It is boring and boring. It is recommended to add fashionable elements to make up for this shortcoming. For example, the printing elements are ever-changing. The traditional and simple printing patterns give the single product different style attributes and bring a unique visual experience, such as cartoon patterns, floral patterns and It has a good age-reducing effect and is very suitable for older women. The black T worn by Yao Chen has a rabbit print, which is very playful and smart.

If you want to achieve the effect of covering the flesh and making you look slimmer, the T-shirt you choose must be loose enough to give a loose feeling, and the effect is best. The loose feeling here must be properly grasped to avoid being too wide and counterproductive. Generally, there is only 3-4cm of space between the inside of the clothes and the body. The black T-shirt style like Yao Chen’s is very good, and it can highlight the body curve. , and it won’t be very close to the body. The tuck-in style creates a high waistline, and the overall matching is more capable and neat. One side shows a proud posture, and there is no trace of gaining weight at all.

Slit elements are mostly used in skirts. Appropriate slit design reduces the cumbersomeness of long skirts and can also modify the shape of the legs and make them more visible. Long, but in addition to skirts, some longer trousers can also use this design to reduce the risk of weighing you down, making it easier for small people to dress without having to worry about their height being affected. The proportions can even be optimized to make them look taller. The little black trousers Yao Chen wears are designed with slit legs. He walks in a particularly free and easy way. The pink fisherman hat is too cute.

Although T-shirts don’t pick your body shape, age, or temperament, you can’t create a good look with your eyes closed. Choose the version first. The style must be in line with your own conditions. Don’t blindly follow the trend and ignore your personal body shortcomings. This will only drag down the style and become a laughing point for the public. Especially women who are in the fourth grade are prone to gain weight and gain weight. Do not choose slim-fitting items. It will make you more bloated and greasy. For example, Yao Chen’s T-shirt style is not suitable for her. The slightly slim cut makes her look thicker and her goddess image is greatly reduced.

Light-colored T-shirts will appear slightly fatter than dark-colored T-shirts, but it mainly depends on the cut of the selected pattern. If the light-colored T-shirt is loose, it will look fatter. As for T, its function of covering the flesh and making you slim is as good as that of dark T. It is also more refreshing and cooling than dark T. The use of printed decoration can break the monotony and make it visually richer and brighter. Yao Chen has worn it in his previous airport style. Similar to the single product, the pure white T-shirt is embellished with cartoon character prints to add a sense of childishness. It is simple and capable when paired with slim-fitting black pants. The classic black and white pairing is not boring no matter how you look at it, it is casual and casual.

Although printed T-shirts are very fashionable, some women just have a special liking for solid-color T-shirts. The single color is simple, low-key and easy to match. , as long as it is not a color with high color saturation, it is difficult to overturn. It is true that solid color T-shirts are the least difficult to control and match among many T-shirt items, but it is a bit difficult to make the style burst out with new ideas. It is recommended to try it this year. The popular ice cream color makes you feel like the surrounding temperature has dropped several degrees when you wear it. The light purple T-shirt worn by Yao Chen is the ice cream color, fresh and sweet.

The fashion sense of the striped T is right in the middle between the solid color T and the printed T. It is not as monotonous and plain as the solid color T, and it is easier to control than the printed T. It comes in different thicknesses Stripe patterns in different directions present different styles. The thinner the stripe pattern, the better the control. Vertical stripes are slimmer than horizontal stripes. If you have to choose horizontal stripes, it is best to choose a thin stripe style that is less visually bloated. Yao Chen The striped T he is wearing has a horizontal stripe design. The thinner stripes are not easy to expand in proportion, and the color scheme is also more elegant.Artistic intellectuality.

40-year-old Yao Chen is still charming. He wears a cartoon T-shirt and slit pants to “pretend to be young”, and wears a pink hat to look like a girl. In fact, the fashion sense of T-shirts is not bad, and it is not difficult to choose and match them. Learn more matching skills to improve your dressing skills. Simple and ordinary T-shirts can also be worn with fashionable and eye-catching looks, like Yao Chen The styles of these T-shirts are not very fashionable, but they are simple and elegant, making them very suitable for women traveling for four years. What do you think?

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