Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Change to a sweatshirt to look younger and more energetic (celebrities and supermodels also like to wear it this way)

Change to a sweatshirt to look younger and more energetic (celebrities and supermodels also like to wear it this way)

Coat items It occupies the C position in winter wear, and its existence can be detected at a glance. Therefore, many women are very careful when choosing outerwear. Since inner wear occupies a smaller proportio…

Coat items It occupies the C position in winter wear, and its existence can be detected at a glance. Therefore, many women are very careful when choosing outerwear. Since inner wear occupies a smaller proportion, it is easy to be ignored. Many women are accustomed to wearing inner wear. Knitted sweaters, but when you take off your coat when you go indoors, your figure will be exposed. It is better to replace the knitted sweater with a sweatshirt to reduce your age and be more energetic. Even celebrities and supermodels like to wear it this way.

1. Round neck sweatshirt + coat

Sweatshirts are a casual and sports-style item. Most of the cuts are loose and hide the flesh. However, if you want to use a sweatshirt as an inner wear, you must pay attention to the style. If it is too loose, you should also avoid fabrics that are too thick, so as not to stretch the proportions and make the wear look bloated. Secondly, sweatshirts are divided into round neck and hooded styles, and the corresponding coat collars are different. For short-necked celebrities, it is recommended to choose A round-neck sweatshirt is more suitable as an inner wear. The collar will not stack up with the collar of the coat and make the neck appear short. A round-neck sweatshirt + lapel coat is simple and elegant and very attractive.

Hooded sweatshirts are very age-friendly, but as an inner wear, you have to consider whether the hood will conflict with the collar of the coat. If you are not confident in your dressing ability, it is recommended to choose a better one. It is not easy to feel inconsistent when matching a round-neck sweatshirt. Especially when the coat is made of plush material, the inner layer should be kept simple and neat. Shen Mengchen’s look is an example of this. A black round-neck sweatshirt + a white plush coat are warm and comfortable. It’s also fashionable, and the black interior just weakens the visual expansion of white, making the look slimmer.

2. Hooded sweatshirt + coat

I like the youthful and energetic feel of hooded sweatshirts. I think that matching a hooded sweatshirt with a coat will have a better age-reducing effect. Then you have to pay attention to the design of the sweatshirt not being too complicated. , the collar of the coat that matches it should also be kept simple, and try to avoid overlapping the two to increase the cumbersomeness of the look. You can try a coat with this kind of shirt collar design. Even if the inner layer is a hooded design, it will not be procrastinating. Feeling, elegant and casual.

The collar design of the coat is not single, and it also has a certain impact on the style attributes of the item. The small lapel, that is, the shirt collar, is simple and neat, the suit collar is capable and straight, and the large lapel is elegant and majestic. The stiffer the collar, the more A hat that easily holds up a sweater will make your neck appear short, and the proportions will look very uncoordinated. Therefore, when wearing a hooded sweatshirt, you should pair it with a coat with a soft collar, such as this camel sweater with a large lapel + apricot printed hooded sweatshirt It’s worth learning from. Pair tight black pants with the bottoms to reduce the bloated look.

3. Short sweatshirt + long coat

The longer the hem of the coat, the taller it is, and it is easy to lower the proportion and look short and sloppy. At this time, you have to use inner layers to raise the waistline and optimize it. Proportions, reduce the impact of coats on body proportions, this is especially important for small people, and sweatshirts happen to be available in short styles. Use short sweatshirts with long coats to easily optimize the proportions, and the fixed high waistline is perfect Solving the shortcomings of long coats, you can still look tall even if you are small.

If the sweater is of a regular style and the fabric is light and thin, you can also use the hem tucking to create a neat high-waist line, and combine it with high-waisted pants or nine-point pants to further optimize the proportions, so that even if the coat has a long hem Don’t worry if it reaches your anklesShe is tall, as shown in the street photo below. The hem of the white hooded sweatshirt is slightly tucked into the waistband to make it look lazy and tall. The cropped trousers are paired with high-top canvas shoes to keep warm and fashionable. The black and white inner layer + plaid pattern. The coat is retro and casual, and the minimalist inner design reduces the complexity of the plaid pattern and prevents the look from becoming old-fashioned.

4. Bottoming shirt + sweatshirt + coat

Since the sweatshirt should not be too thick as an inner layer, and although the coat is very warm and windproof, it will be easy to catch a cold if the inner layer is too light. You might as well layer a base layer inside a sweatshirt, and the closer it is to the body, the better. Choosing elastic and skin-friendly fabrics will not make you feel tight and restrictive, and you don’t have to worry about expanding the inner space and making you look fat. The layering is also perfect. .

Choose a base layer shirt to layer with a sweater and a coat. To avoid a sense of conflict, you have to start with the basic color. Black is slimming and white is refreshing. As a versatile color, it is hard to be outdone no matter how you wear it. Choose a high collar. The style is warmer and more comfortable, but for women whose necks are not slender enough, it is recommended to choose a half-high collar design. Pay attention to the collar of the sweatshirt not being higher than that of the base layer to create a clear layered look. For example, Liu Wen’s look uses a white half-high collar as the base layer. The shirt is paired with a gray sweatshirt + red plush coat, which is warm, comfortable, fashionable and very eye-catching.

Don’t always wear a sweater under your coat, wear a sweater instead to look younger and more energetic. Celebrities and supermodels also like to wear it this way. The combination of coats is not limited to sweatshirts, but in terms of vitality, the combination of coat + sweatshirt is the combination. The freshness and liveliness of the sweatshirt just offsets the bulkiness and dullness of the coat, injecting more fresh vitality into the look, making it The outfits have become more vivid. Which of these looks do you prefer?

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