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Try not to wear a sweatshirt with jeans (if you put on these four items, you will have a true temperament)

Sweatshirt items Youthful and age-reducing people are very energetic. The loose design can accommodate various body conditions. There are also countless choices in matching. Although sweatshirts are not selecti…

Sweatshirt items Youthful and age-reducing people are very energetic. The loose design can accommodate various body conditions. There are also countless choices in matching. Although sweatshirts are not selective, the suitable matching methods for different ages are different. Take middle-aged people. For women, a sweatshirt has its own age-reducing effect. If it is too immature, it will look artificial. For example, a sweatshirt + jeans is very refreshing and lively, but it does not suit the dressing style of middle-aged women. It is recommended to try it. Try four other styles of bottoms to make them more elegant, fashionable and classy.

Look1: sweatshirt + wide-leg pants

Most middle-aged women have signs of gaining weight and tend to choose loose-fitting styles. The bottoms they wear when wearing sweatshirts are also loose-fitting. Tailoring is the main focus, so wide-leg trousers are a good choice. The wide trouser legs cover the flesh and make you look slimmer. As long as the trouser legs are not too wide, you are not afraid of the negative effect of the horizontal widening ratio. The casual design complements the style of the sweater. Tao Hong’s blue printed sweatshirt + black wide-leg pants are very relaxed and comfortable. The round neck style is simple and elegant, and the printed embellishment does not look monotonous at all.

Small people may worry that their proportions will be affected by wide-leg pants and make them look chunkier. In fact, this problem can be avoided by grasping the looseness. Secondly, the high waistline can be used to optimize the overall proportions, such as short sweatshirts. It’s a good choice. You can directly raise the waistline through tailoring. If you pair it with wide-leg pants, you won’t be afraid of being lowered in proportion. Liu Mintao’s look is an example. A gray printed short sweatshirt + nine-point leather wide-leg pants make you look slimmer and taller. Put on long socks for warmth and layering, and you can wear them to look tall without exposing your ankles.

Look2: sweatshirt + suit pants

Although there is only one word difference between suit pants and trousers, they are completely different in design. The trousers are more slim and restrained, and the wearing comfort is not high. Suit trousers mainly refer to trousers made of suit fabrics. There are many styles to choose from. The trousers are also relatively wide and three-dimensional. They are casual and have a formal feel, but they are not overly formal. Use suit trousers to match the sweater look. The style is more capable and neat, and it doesn’t feel too out of place when worn for commuting.

Some people think that the styles of sweatshirts and suit pants are too different, and the combination will be very abrupt and different. In fact, this is not the case. There are rarely mistakes in the matching of sweatshirts with simple and neat designs, and they can control the differences. Different styles of bottoms can show a different sense of fashion. I really feel that the abruptness is too strong, so it is better to layer jackets of the same style. Like this, choose suits and suit pants of the same style to match the sweatshirt, which is decent and generous without losing the sense of vitality. With the embellished red sweatshirt, the look will not be too lifeless, but a little retro.

Look3: sweatshirt + pleated long skirt

Women who take the elegant route will be more inclined to wear skirts. Although their warmth is not as warm as trousers, they can be worn by layering The leggings will not be too thin. The feminine charm expressed by the skirt can appropriately reduce the neutral style of the sweatshirt, making the outfit more feminine. Although the short skirt is sexy, eye-catching and tall, it is For middle-aged women, it is too frivolous and flamboyant, and does not conform to the conservative style of dressing. It is better to choose a long skirt to reflect your gentle temperament. A similar combination of a sweatshirt + a pleated long skirt is very gentle and charming.

Quiet pleated skirtIt reduces age, but is more suitable for young girls. The pleated long skirt pays more attention to the display of elegance and temperament, and there is no need to worry about the problem of exposure. The look when combined with a sweater can be rigid or soft, although it is very difficult to wear separate upper and lower garments. It’s easy to highlight the waistline, but you still have to pay attention to the details. If the sweater is too long and the fabric is thicker, it’s better to use a belt to create a high waistline. Otherwise, it’s easy to wear a pleated skirt like this to create a fifty-fifty figure. Unless you are tall and slender, this is not recommended.

Look4: sweatshirt + pencil skirt

The designs of skirts are ever-changing, and each cut has a different style when paired with a sweatshirt. I feel that the pleated long skirt is too sweet and cute. Suitable for a smart and smart workplace, you can also choose a pencil skirt to match it directly. The straight and slightly slim design shows off the beautiful waist and hip lines of women. If you are afraid that the shape is too rigorous, choose a style with a richer design, such as Dong Xuan’s pencil skirt uses contrasting color stitching to make it fashionable and individual, and paired with a short sweater, it makes her taller figure even more obvious.

Although the pencil skirt is not as restrictive and tight as the hip skirt, the skirt is not loose, and there is still a certain sense of restraint when walking. If the movement is slightly larger, it will be restricted. For more comfortable and comfortable wear, it is recommended to choose a style with a slit skirt. The V-shaped slit solves the problem of a sense of restraint and visually makes the legs longer. For Liu Shishi’s look, she chooses a slit pencil skirt to match a round-neck sweater for a fresh look. It is a little sexy in the middle. If you are wearing it to the workplace, you can directly choose a black pencil skirt for the most formal and elegant look.

For women over 40 years old, try not to wear sweatshirts with jeans. If you wear these four pieces, you will have true temperament. Some middle-aged women take good care of themselves, and their actual age cannot be seen from the outside. Even if they dress a little younger, it doesn’t feel out of place. However, some women have mature faces, and clothes that show too much age are not suitable for them. They deliberately pretend to be young. There is too much suspicion. Only by choosing clothes that suit your age and temperament can you better express your personal charm. What do you think?

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