Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Sweaters + jackets are the most popular mix and match CP this winter (it can be sweet or cool and become fashionable effortlessly)

Sweaters + jackets are the most popular mix and match CP this winter (it can be sweet or cool and become fashionable effortlessly)

As a “basic item” in a girl’s wardrobe, sweatshirts In the beginning, it was actually only popular in the hip-hop circle. With the rise of hip-hop culture and the comfortable and easy-to-wear …

As a “basic item” in a girl’s wardrobe, sweatshirts In the beginning, it was actually only popular in the hip-hop circle. With the rise of hip-hop culture and the comfortable and easy-to-wear advantages of sweatshirts, it gradually became popular in the fashion circle and became one of the clothes that trendy people love to wear. In addition, there are no fixed style restrictions on the matching of sweatshirts. It can not only continue its own street sports style, but also create a look with its own personality by layering it with other items.

As the temperature continues to drop In the deep winter season, if girls choose to wear a sweatshirt alone, they will inevitably look a little thin. In contrast, fashionistas who pursue an outfit that combines style and warmth are more keen on layering a jacket on top of a sweatshirt, which not only makes the whole look more elegant. It has a warm-keeping effect and can also show off the unique three-dimensional sense of layering when layered. Especially the following 4 sets of “sweatshirt + jacket” combination CP, you can basically become a fashionista in an instant~

1. Sweatshirt + mid-length woolen coat

Sweatshirt and woolen coat, this The two items seem to conflict in terms of style positioning, but they can easily collide and create a mix and match effect. Not only can the casual sweater item be used to dilute the old-fashioned image of the coat, but also the coat’s own accessories can be used. It has stable characteristics to prevent the whole outfit from being too casual. It is especially suitable for women over 30 years old. For example, Di Lieba wore a hooded sweatshirt with a mid-length woolen coat for her street look. She simply carried a light-colored chain bag, which can bring a touch of brightness to dark-colored outfits. color.

If you are wearing It is a basic color sweatshirt item. You can be more “bold” in the choice of coat accessories. Try to choose styles with plaid print embellishments. The overall design is more simple and elegant than other printed items, and it can also be used as a decorative item. To enhance the fashion sense and recognition of the entire look. Yang Rong’s airport outfit is a good example. She wears a plaid mid-length woolen coat and a pure white hooded sweatshirt. The whole look is both neat and stylish, but also unsightly. It will feel too boring.

2. Sweatshirt + Denim jacket

No matter in the fashion circle No matter how popular items are replaced, denim jackets always have a place among them. Its classic wear-resistant denim fabric has its own street attributes. Combined with the three-dimensional silhouette cutting process, it can perfect the wearer’s shoulder outline when worn, and at the same time achieve the desired effect. Optimize the effect of your body posture, and you can transform into a hip-hop trendy girl by casually wearing a sweatshirt. For example, Tang Yan once appeared at the airport in a “sweatshirt + denim jacket” look. Even if she wore a pair of basic black pants on her lower body, it would not reduce the fashion sense of the entire look.

However, all cowboys The fabrics and styles of jackets are similar. If you want to create a unique LOOK, you must naturally start with the color. Girls try to choose styles with colors other than light blue and dark blue. Of course, seasoned experts can also start with the outfit. To start with, choose a sweatshirt with a brighter color to weaken the popular feeling of the denim jacket, which can also make the look more eye-catching and unique. For example, Kendou wore a red sweatshirt with a denim jacket. The whole look is cool and eye-catching~

3. Sweatshirt + bomber jacket

The bomber jacket was first used as the standard “battle uniform” for the Air Force. As designers changed the fabric and style After the revision, it gradually evolved into the current short-cut style. Not only does the upper body look handsome and stylish, but the short length design can also be used to optimize the wearer’s body proportions. It is a perfect match for a sweatshirt.One of the best choices. For example, Dilireba wore a sweatshirt and bomber jacket, paired with bootcut jeans. The overall pure black tone instantly transformed her into a cool girl, and it also had an obvious slimming effect.

However, the bomber jacket The silhouettes are looser, and there are also some styles with low shoulder lines. If you are a person with broad shoulders, try to avoid this type of item and choose styles with higher shoulder lines or more three-dimensional neckline designs. It can visually shorten the distance between the shoulders and the neck, making it less likely to look bulky. If you are a girl with a small frame, you don’t need to spend too much time choosing a style.

4. Sweatshirt + Leather jacket

I think most of them are cool A leather jacket is indispensable in a girl’s wardrobe. Its iconic leather material is not only wear-resistant and windproof, it can cope with the current temperature. It can also enhance the fashion of the style through the subtle light on the surface. Index, a fashionable and practical item. For example, Li Yuchun wore an oversize leather jacket this time, paired with a cartoon-print hooded sweatshirt, which is cool but also has a sense of fun.

“Sweatshirt + Jacket “, the hottest mix and match CP this winter! It’s sweet or cool, and effortlessly stylish. Sweatshirts are a versatile item. Girls can try more jacket items with strong design sense when matching, so that they can be dressed trendy and personalized without any effort.

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