Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Don’t wear pants under the sweatshirt (this style is not only fashionable but also makes you look taller and slimmer)

Don’t wear pants under the sweatshirt (this style is not only fashionable but also makes you look taller and slimmer)

There are always a few items in the fashion circle that can transcend gender and age. restrictions, favored by fashionistas from all walks of life. For example, sweatshirts are one of the more representative on…

There are always a few items in the fashion circle that can transcend gender and age. restrictions, favored by fashionistas from all walks of life. For example, sweatshirts are one of the more representative ones. Its neutral and loose-fitting design does not place too many requirements on the wearer’s figure. In addition, it was originally a product of the last century. The popular “product” of the hip-hop circle can always be easily combined with different items to create a cool street feel. It is definitely an indispensable fashion garment in autumn and winter.

However, contrast” The combination of “sweatshirt + trousers” is a popular combination look. The combination of “sweatshirt + skirt” is more popular among women in this autumn and winter. It can use the gentleness of the skirt to neutralize the sweater item. The cool and handsome attributes can better cater to women’s “taste” in dressing, especially the 4 sets of looks demonstrated by Yang Mi. They are trendy and personalized, and girls who know little about matching can just wear them~

1. Sweater + printed skirt

It is said that colorful printed skirts are the perfect color for spring. Exclusive for summer, but in fact, this outfit follows the autumn and winter seasons, which are dominated by dark tones. The addition of printed skirts can often bring more visual impact to people and break the dull atmosphere of the streets nowadays. Of course, the prerequisites are also You need to pair it with a sweatshirt with a relatively simple design to make the printed skirt not too prominent. For example, in Yang Mi’s magazine look, she wore a sweatshirt with white as the main color and a printed skirt. She casually carried a mini cylindrical bag and she instantly transformed into a dynamic girl.

Types of printed skirts There are always too many to count. If you are looking for more outstanding texture in your outfit, you might as well try a printed skirt embellished with embroidery elements. The pattern design is more three-dimensional and prominent than conventional printing, and it can also It highlights the sense of value inherent in woolen embroidery. No matter what style of sweatshirt it is paired with, it can add points to the fashion sense of the entire look. For example, what Yang Mi wore this time was an embroidered printed skirt, paired with a thin sweatshirt embellished with diamonds, which revealed a sense of sophistication while being casual.

2. Sweatshirt + Denim skirt

Denim skirt As a veteran “contestant” in the skirt industry, its style is not too feminine. It has more tough qualities of denim than regular skirts. If combined with an A-line skirt that has its own age-reducing qualities, it can also It can visually modify the position of the wearer’s hip bones, and at the same time highlight the youthful and energetic atmosphere, which also complements the style of the sweatshirt. For example, Yang Mi chose a black round-neck sweatshirt paired with a denim A-line skirt. The raw edge design of the skirt can enhance the fashion attributes of the item.

If your calves If your muscles are relatively developed, you should pay more attention to the selection of denim skirts. Give priority to mid-length fishtail denim skirts, which can highlight the hip curve through the slim silhouette of the skirt. At the same time, through The fishtail silhouette of the skirt covers women’s thick calves, making it easy to “advantage their strengths and avoid their weaknesses” through dressing. For example, this mid-length fishtail denim skirt worn by Yang Mi is worth buying for girls with thick calves. Pair it with a loose sweatshirt to highlight the contrast between the elasticity of the upper and lower body.

3. Sweatshirt + Half-length leather skirt

Compared to one piece Style leather skirts and half-length leather skirts do not have too many restrictions on wearing, especially the straight-leg half-leather skirt. Not only will it not be as tight as the tight-fitting leather skirt, but it can also be worn with the straight silhouette. The shape is designed to accommodate the fat on the thighs, instantly reducing the difficulty of controlling the leather skirt. With simple matching, you can wear it fashionable and slim. Like Yang Mi’s airport lookI wore a short leather skirt paired with a gray hooded sweatshirt. The entire look was both casual and street-friendly.

The color of the leather skirt The presentation method is not limited to black. If your skin color is cold white, you can also try bright-colored leather skirts with low brightness and high saturation. They are not as tacky and earthy as fluorescent colors, and are also more elegant than fluorescent ones. The traditional black leather skirt is more recognizable. You don’t need to consider the choice of sweater to get a fashionable look. For this airport outfit, Yang Mi chose a gray-green straight leather skirt, even if it is paired with a basic color. The loose sweatshirt can still attract the attention of others.

4. Sweatshirt + Lace skirt

Want to create If you are looking for a mixed look, you must not miss the “sweatshirt + lace skirt” look. Its gentle lace skirt style can easily highlight the elegance of women, while the sweater item with the completely opposite style is also It can highlight the street atmosphere of the style and easily create a very personalized street wear. For example, Yang Mi dared to try these mix-and-match combinations, wearing a black sweatshirt with a black skirt embellished with lace, which was gentle yet casual.

Under the “sweatshirt” Stop wearing pants! If you follow Yang Mi’s example, it will not only be fashionable, but also make you look taller and slimmer. Although the error rate of matching sweatshirts and trousers is not high, there is nothing new about it. It is better to replace the bottoms with a skirt that shows more temperament, and you can create a mixed look by matching them casually.

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