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No matter how easy it is to wear a sweatshirt, don’t buy too many (this combination is fashionable and looks good)

The sweatshirt item is mainly casual and sports style, but its design is very rich It is colorful and can be worn with different styles of bottoms and jackets to create different styles, providing girls with a …

The sweatshirt item is mainly casual and sports style, but its design is very rich It is colorful and can be worn with different styles of bottoms and jackets to create different styles, providing girls with a variety of choices. Although there are many styles of sweatshirts, not every style is versatile, durable, and has the same style and attributes. There is no need to buy too much, as it will only take up space in the closet and reduce the utilization rate of single items, and there is not much room for development of personal style. Therefore, no matter how easy it is to wear sweatshirts, don’t buy too many. The following three styles are enough. Stylish and versatile.

#Sweatshirt style #

1. Short sweatshirts show off High

The style of the sweatshirt is so There are many, and the short sweatshirt that makes you look tallest when you wear it is undoubtedly the short sweatshirt. The tailoring directly raises the waistline and lengthens the proportion of the lower body. It is extremely friendly to small people. In addition, the sweatshirt design is loose and casual, and it is also very tolerant to the body shape, like this Pair it with high-waisted pants to reduce the area of ​​exposed skin. If you don’t want to expose your lower abdomen, you can choose a slightly longer short sweatshirt. A length like this is a midriff-revealing outfit, which is more sexy and eye-catching. An ordinary short sweatshirt can basically cover the lower abdomen, combined with high-waisted pants Just enough to cover the waist to avoid exposure.

2. oversize sweatshirt Comfortable to cover the flesh

The main feature of short sweatshirts Sexy and taller, oversize sweatshirts are more lazy and casual. The wide version can easily accommodate various body conditions, and there is no sense of restraint when worn. However, due to the influence of the version, it is easy to wear a bloated feeling. If you are a fat celebrity, If you don’t handle the waistline well, wearing it may have the opposite effect. It is recommended to choose a wearing method that combines elasticity and tightness to help optimize the proportions and create a neat feeling.

3. Conventional design Simple, versatile and not picky

Regularly designed sweatshirts are average in terms of proportions, but if matched properly, the fashion sense will not be unsatisfactory, and they are not picky about the wearer’s fashion expression and temperament. They are the simplest and most versatile sweatshirts and are not picky, but regular sweatshirts It’s a bit difficult to wear something new. You need to create more highlights in design and matching.

#The matching of sweatshirts #

Look1: short sweatshirt+ Sweatpants

Avoid wearing For a sense of disharmony, a unified style is the most conservative and safe. For example, sweatshirts belong to the casual sports style and can be paired with sports pants or casual pants of the same style. You will not go wrong by keeping the style unified and coordinated, and the overall look will be more refreshing and lively. Li Xiaolu’s look is a good example. The beige sweater paired with red sweatpants is fresh and bright. The short version and the love hollow design make the look full of highlights. The stripes on the side of the sweatpants play a role in lengthening the leg shape and making her look slimmer. Looks taller.

Look2: Regular sweatshirt +Jeans

In many combinations Among them, sweatshirts + jeans have the highest appearance rate. As a classic item, jeans are rich in styles and can meet a variety of style needs. The stiff fabric brings a very good modification effect. Skinny jeans are sexy and show your figure, while straight-leg and wide-leg pants are more attractive. Covering the flesh makes you look slimmer, and the freshness of denim blue can make the look look younger. It is also consistent with the style of a sweater, but it is more fashionable than sweatpants. Zhou Dongyu’s airport outfit is to wear a sweater with ripped jeans, using layered The way to wear a shirt is to get rid of the popular feeling.

Look3: oversize sweatshirt +boots

To wear good proportions, you need to know how to use dressing skills. For example, the combination of elasticity and tightness is one of the techniques to make the look neat and neat. For example, if the oversize sweater is too wide, it needs to be matched with You should also pay attention to the combination of elasticity and elasticity. Choose tight-fitting bottoms to match with them for a better styling effect. You can also choose the “missing bottom” style to show more sexy charm. Pairing with boots in winter can not only reduce the exposed leg area and enhance warmth, but also improve the look. It’s also cooler and more stylish.

Look4: Hooded sweatshirt + coat

Sweatshirts often serve as inner wear in winter, injecting more freshness and vitality into boring winter clothes. However, be careful not to make the sweatshirt too wide, as it can easily expand the inner space and create a tight feeling. Improper matching can also cause Wearing has the opposite effect and makes you look bulkier and bulkier. Not only do you need to choose the right style for sweaters, but you also need to choose the right style for outer coats, down jackets and other items. Take coats for example, straight styles are definitely better than oversized styles. It is more suitable for layering sweatshirts, and the neckline should not be too wide and three-dimensional, as it will conflict with the sweatshirt and hat.

Don’t buy too many sweatshirts no matter how easy they are to wear! These three styles are enough. They are fashionable and good-looking. Although sweatshirts are very common in daily wear It is a popular item, but it does not mean that this item cannot be worn with a rich sense of fashion. If you choose the right design and match it well, it will be very fashionable. Among these three sweatshirts, which one do you think is the most versatile?

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