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Wear a suspender skirt with a T-shirt underneath for a conservative style (but you can’t hide your curves)

Print skirt is the most recognizable style among skirts. Various printing elements give the skirt different style attributes, bringing together the various styles of girls. The interpretation is even more extre…

Print skirt is the most recognizable style among skirts. Various printing elements give the skirt different style attributes, bringing together the various styles of girls. The interpretation is even more extreme. Among them, the floral skirt has the highest degree of freshness. The embellishment of small floral flowers makes the style full of pastoral style, as if you are in nature, refreshing and comfortable. In addition, the floral skirt has a good age-reducing effect, and there are many Older women also favor this item. For her airport look, Liu Yan wore a suspender floral skirt and a T-shirt underneath. The style is so conservative, but she still can’t hide her curves.

Suspender skirt is a must-have cool item in summer. The large area of ​​skin-exposing design perfectly interprets the charm of women, and the sexy shape is eye-catching. It is also high, but for some women, suspender skirts are a bit revealing. The shoulder straps that are too slender feel like they will slip off at any time, and there is a high risk of exposure. Therefore, they will choose to layer them to reduce the feeling of exposure. Liu Yan’s look this time is layered. Demonstration, pairing a T-shirt with a suspender skirt is very refreshing and age-reducing, and has a rich sense of layering. It breaks the dullness of the black T-shirt without exposing the shortcomings of the figure.

If you want to layer them to achieve a good effect, you need to pay attention to skills. First of all, the style design of the two items should not be too different, which will enhance the inconsistency of the styling. Secondly, it is best to echo the traditional and simple in an orderly manner, and try to maintain the unity and neatness of the look. For example, in Liu Yan’s look, the T-shirt and suspender skirt are both black, and the suspender skirt is enriched with floral elements. The highlight is that it is simple but not simple. Although the style of this outfit is very conservative, it cannot hide the graceful curves and full of femininity.

Older women should choose simple designs when choosing floral skirts. The floral patterns should not be too fancy and complicated to avoid aggravating the styling burden. It will cause visual fatigue, and the proportion of white space between florals should be controlled well. Try not to be too compact and cluttered. The visual experience may be better. If the selected floral skirt is dark, it is best to have light-colored floral patterns. The style is not easy to look boring. Liu Yan’s suspender floral skirt is very suitable for older women. The black skirt has a waist design that covers the flesh and makes her look slimmer, and is decorated with white floral flowers for a sharp contrast.

If your figure is good enough, it is still recommended to wear a suspender skirt alone to fully utilize your figure advantages and make your look cooler. , the charming shoulder and neck line is a highlight of the style. It will turn heads every minute while walking on the road. To make the look more fresh and eye-catching, it is best to choose a light-colored floral skirt. Like Liu Yan’s floral skirt, it is light-colored. Blue, gentle and quiet with a little sexy style, the floral pattern on the skirt is also very simple and elegant, not complicated at all, and paired with long straight black hair, it looks like a goddess.

It is not easy to wear a sexy suspender skirt. It has certain requirements for the lines of the shoulders and arms. A slightly larger frame and fat will obviously affect the shape. As a result, the wearer becomes the laughingstock of the public, which is very embarrassing. It is recommended to reduce the exposed skin area to avoid exaggerating the disadvantages of the figure. For example, one-shoulder skirts, slanted shoulder skirts and suspender skirts are all strapless skirts, but they are not difficult to control. Similarly, the first two styles are not as flattering as the suspender skirt due to the small exposed skin area. Liu Yan’s one-shoulder floral skirt is very suitable for girls with obvious voluptuous hands.

The designs of off-shoulder skirts range from conservative to bold, but it is undeniable that they all have certain requirements for the shoulder line, which is more suitable for those with an inverted triangle figure. Girls are not in a good position. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of their body shape, they are more suitable for styles with sleeve designs. In order to make the style more attractive, it is recommended to add fashion elements for embellishment and use the sense of design to surprise, so that you can attract attention even if your skin is not exposed. Liu Yan’s The floral skirt is combined with puff sleeve elements at the sleeve hem. It is fluffy, light and romantic, but without a waist design, it looks a bit bloated.

If you want to wear a long-sleeved floral skirt with a light and elegant feel, the fabric will be a great help. Among many clothing fabrics, it is light and elegant. Very fluffy and breathable tulle fabric. The soft gauze texture sways with the wind and is full of elegance. It also has a perspective effect, which vaguely shows off the beautiful figure of women and adds a bit of sexy charm to the look. Because the tulle fabric is light and thin enough, even if it is The dark style does not look dull and heavy. Liu Yan wore a black gauze skirt to attend an event. The V-neck cut exposed her collarbone line.Eye-catching, the irregular skirt is more distinctive.

Liu Yan no longer shows off her plump figure. She wears a suspender skirt with a T-shirt in a conservative style, but cannot hide her curves. The floral skirt is an excellent item for creating a sweet girl. It can be seen in various leisure and vacation occasions in summer. The fresh design has a high chance of being a blockbuster against a solid color background. It is very suitable for girls with concave shapes. You Are you sure you don’t want to plant grass?

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