Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Wear a cartoon T-shirt and school uniform pants to look young (with a ponytail, you are at least 10 years younger)

Wear a cartoon T-shirt and school uniform pants to look young (with a ponytail, you are at least 10 years younger)

If middle-aged women want to wear a good style, the style they choose must conform to their body shape. The style is half the success. Secondly, in order to reduce the sense of age brought by time, it is recomm…

If middle-aged women want to wear a good style, the style they choose must conform to their body shape. The style is half the success. Secondly, in order to reduce the sense of age brought by time, it is recommended to choose When styling, you can consider age-reducing style items. You can show your youthful vitality through outfits, divert people’s attention to age, and feel your personal charm. After losing weight, Yan Ni is also getting more and more comfortable in dressing. Young, this time I wore a cartoon T-shirt and “school uniform pants” to the airport and successfully looked young. The ponytail is at least 10 years younger. At the age of 49, I still refuse to accept my age.

T-shirt is one of the few easy-to-wear, versatile items for middle-aged women. It is their main summer style, and a basic white T-shirt is It is not picky, and the difficulty of matching is the lowest, but the fashionability and recognition are average. The overall style will be very monotonous and plain. You might as well add some printing elements to embellish it. The vision will not be too single, and traditional and simple printing patterns can also be produced. The highlight is eye-catching. The T-shirt selected by Yan Ni this time has cartoon prints, which is lively, cute and age-reducing. It not only satisfies Yan Ni’s girly heart but also makes the look more childlike.

Most middle-aged women will gain weight and become rounder. If they don’t pay attention to their clothes, they will become bloated and look fat. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right style. Those designs that are slim and tight can be passed on without consideration. Try to focus on loose tailoring. It can hide the flesh and look slimmer while being more comfortable and comfortable to wear. It is not easy to be constrained by the tailoring of single products, but you must pay attention to the sense of looseness and highlighting. The position of the waistline will not affect the overall proportion. The cartoon T-shaped design on Yan Ni is wide but not large. The waistline is neatly tucked into the hem, making the overall appearance taller.

T-shirt + wide-leg pants are a favorite way of wearing for celebrities with thick legs. The simple and casual style is not very fashionable, but the comfort is unquestionable , without exposing the shortcomings of the figure, and the modification of the leg lines is also in place. To further extend the proportion of the lower body, the “extended visual sense” of striped elements can be combined. The “school uniform pants” on Yan Ni are actually added on the side Wide-leg trousers with striped design can not only reduce age but also optimize proportions. With a casual design, you don’t have to worry about being deliberately young. With a ponytail, you will be more than 10 years younger.

Although Cartoon T has the greatest age-reducing effect, it is still too childish for some middle-aged women and does not match their age and temperament at all. , although the basic white T-shirt is very common, but when matched properly, it can also be full of high-end feeling. It is simple but not simple, and is suitable for women who are low-key, restrained and unobtrusive. Yan Ni has a similar combination in her airport outfit, pure white T-shirt with black wide t-shirt The leg pants are uninhibited and uninhibited. The red stripe design on the side just lightens the dark feeling of black. The basic color scheme is simple and elegant and will not go out of style easily. The ponytail is very lively.

The leg design of wide-leg pants is mainly loose. Even light colors can still cover the flesh and make you look slimmer. In summer, it is recommended to choose light colors. The color system has a better cooling effect and the overall look is fresher, but don’t blindly pursue a loose feeling. Too fluffy will have the opposite effect, making the look more cumbersome and procrastinating. Secondly, the length of the pants should be chosen according to your height. If you are not tall enough, It’s best not to choose floor-length ones, as they will only make your stature lower. Choosing a nine-point length like Yan Ni’s is most suitable, as it can make you appear slimmer and taller while hiding your thick legs.

If you want the wide-leg pants to be stiffer and more sculpting, you have to choose the right fabric. Denim fabric is the best. It ensures that the legs of the trousers are stiff enough and not soft and deformed. It has a better modification effect on the shape of the legs. The drape is not bad. The shape is also more free and handsome than wide-leg pants made of other materials. Jeans are the basics. One of the styles, it not only has no age limit, but also has the effect of reducing age. Yan Ni has had this single item in her previous airport looks. The denim blue is refreshing and natural, and it is paired with a white T-strap with rich layering.

The main style of wide-leg pants is casual style, but with the enrichment of tailoring, its style attributes have gradually become diversified. Some wide-leg pants designs It is bold and sexy, creating a more sexy and feminine look, but not everyone can control this design, which is a big test for girls who wear conservative styles. Although Yan Ni is almost over 50, she is not very good at dressing. She is not conservative and rigid, and dares to challenge different styles to show her unique personal charm, like Yan Ni’s high-slit wide-leg pants.��Not ordinary people can wear it.

49-year-old Yan Ni refuses to accept her age. She wears a cartoon T-shirt and “school uniform pants” to look young, and wears a ponytail that is at least 10 years younger. Wide-leg trousers are a pair of sweet and salty items. There are many styles and matching options. They can adapt to the needs of various occasions without looking obtrusive. They are also very tolerant to the figure of older women, like Yan Ni’s wide-leg trousers. There is no lack of fashion sense in youthful ageing, which is worth learning from. Do you think Yan Ni’s clothes are good?

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