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Wearing a suit and a white T-shirt, casual and fashionable (the 14-year-old son is taller than his mother)

For successful women in their thirties and forties, suits are never missing no matter what season they wear. They can be used to show off when attending formal occasions. It shows a strong aura of a strong woma…

For successful women in their thirties and forties, suits are never missing no matter what season they wear. They can be used to show off when attending formal occasions. It shows a strong aura of a strong woman. If it is used in daily life, it can also be used to create a fashionable and simple look according to different selections and combinations. For example, Hai Qing has a special liking for all kinds of suits. Even in the sultry August, she still wore a striped suit to the airport as usual, paired with a white T-shirt for casual and fashionable looks. Her 14-year-old son is taller than his mother. .

No matter how long it takes, the stripe element seems to be active in the fashion circle. Just by combining simple lines in parallel, it can match any item. The perfect integration highlights the sense of layered styling, especially the vertical stripe pattern, which can also visually give people the illusion of vertical extension. When worn, it can lengthen and modify the body shape. For example, the suit jacket worn by Hai Qing is embellished with vertical stripes and combined with the classic blue and white color matching design, which is both fresh and casual.

The attributes of suit items more or less retain a sense of formality. If you want to wear it more casually, you can switch it For matching methods, eliminate the old-fashioned way of matching a shirt with a suit, and choose a more casual style T-shirt as the inner wear of the suit. It can not only give a casual look, but also have a certain age-reducing effect. It is simple and fashionable. Hai Qing’s LOOK set an example for us. She paired a striped suit with a pure white T-shirt and jeans. The clear color scheme instantly made the look lively. She also looked much younger, and she looked like a sister in the same frame as her son. younger brother.

When it comes to accessories with a summer flavor, items such as hats are indispensable. Among them, the most popular among celebrities and fashionistas this summer are: The bucket hat is none other than the bucket hat. Its profile is a barrel shape that goes straight up and down. The hat part is connected to the brim. Although it has a special shape, it is also very picky about the wearer’s face shape and is more suitable for women with small and short faces. For example, Hai Qing chose a bucket hat for this airport look, which covered half of her petite face, which not only reduced her age but also showed her youthful vitality.

Suits appear frequently in Hai Qing’s outfits, and every selection and matching are worthy of reference for women of the same age. In addition to the fashion sense of suits embellished with design elements, bright-colored styles are also trendy and eye-catching, especially pink suits, which are highly recognizable and have age-reducing attributes that are in line with the original style of suits. But it can collide with different sparks, with a hint of girlishness. For example, Hai Qing once wore a pink suit jacket with a white shirt underneath, which can soften the bright pink color and make the skin whiter and brighter.

Suit items with asymmetric splicing also have a sense of design, whether it is a combination of different fabrics, or two tones or two The splicing design of various patterns can bring unbalanced visual beauty, add a bit of artistic flavor to the shape, and easily get rid of the rigid stereotype of traditional suits. For example, the suit jacket Hai Qing wore this time incorporates an asymmetric splicing design of different printed patterns, combined with satin fabric with a subtle sense of light. It is fashionable and eye-catching, and can easily be worn to give a high-end feel.

The development of suit styles has changed a lot nowadays. In order to meet the needs of lazy people, suit jumpsuits have begun to be produced. The existence of the one-piece version can eliminate the trouble of matching, and the overall tailoring design is more neat and three-dimensional than the regular suit, with an added sense of sassiness, and can be used in any dressing situation. The one Hai Qing is wearing is a suit jumpsuit. The high-waisted design instantly lifts the waistline. Paired with pointed-toe high heels, it not only makes you look taller but also shows off your aura.

The choice of matching bottoms with suits is not limited to trousers. Girls who like a more feminine look can try it. Pairing a skirt with a suit can use the soft skirt to weaken the neutral characteristics of the suit, bringing a sense of strength and softness, adding a sense of gentleness. Hai Qing wore a plaid suit with a white dress for this look. The light gauze fabric has an elegant atmosphere, which can easily change the style of the suit.It looks beautiful and fairy.

If you need to deal with a more serious occasion, you don’t need to spend too much time on the selection and matching of suits. You can just choose a black suit. After all, black represents calmness and stability, and you don’t have to worry about matching the style of the suit as it is simple and not picky. Hai Qing once wore a complete set of black suits, paired with neat short hair styles, giving her a strong female aura.

Hai Qing walked to the airport with her son, wearing a suit and white T-shirt casually and fashionably. The 14-year-old son is taller than his mother. If you want to wear a suit in your own style, you can learn from Haiqing’s experience in suit dressing, choose some special styles, or use matching to increase the fashion sense of the look.

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