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Wearing a navel-baring T-shirt to the airport (it’s a bit embarrassing to have a small belly)

Navel-baring outfits are cool and sexy. They have always had a good appearance rate since the beginning of summer. The deliberately short hem shows off the girls’ small waists, which is visually very &#82…

Navel-baring outfits are cool and sexy. They have always had a good appearance rate since the beginning of summer. The deliberately short hem shows off the girls’ small waists, which is visually very “cooling”. “, adding a lot of coolness to this hot summer, and there are many styles of navel-baring clothes. Each tailoring design brings a different style, and the styles created are still very diverse.Dong Xuan’s The first time I went to the airport, I mainly wore navel-baring outfits, which looked beautiful and sassy with wide-leg pants. Unfortunately, the accidental exposure of my belly was a bit detracting. Even goddesses can’t escape the “middle-aged curse”?

How to wear T-shirts with a strong sense of popularity to create more novelty? You can create surprises from the tailoring. Although the navel-baring T-shirt is a member of T-shirts, its special tailoring has a sexy charm and is more recognizable than ordinary T-shirts. It also retains the easy-to-wear and versatile attributes of T-shirts. , most suitable for small girls. Raise the waistline and extend the proportion of the legs to create a tall look, make up for the lack of height, and reduce the impact of body disadvantages on personal image. The navel-baring outfit on Dong Xuan is a navel-baring T-shirt with a loose cut. It’s very casual, but it’s a bit awkward with a small belly.

The versatile attributes of basic T-shirts are well known. The black T-shirt covers the flesh and makes you look slimmer, the white T-shirt is fresh and eye-catching, and the gray T-shirt is simple and advanced. Each of these three styles has its own characteristics. Each has its own advantages, and black T-shirts are most popular among fat celebrities because of their obvious effect of hiding flesh. However, too dark colors will inevitably cause a feeling of stuffiness in summer. To solve this problem, you can directly “cut” the hem of the clothes. , revealing a small waist is cooler. Dong Xuan’s navel-baring T-shirt is black, with partial white print embellishments to avoid monotony. Her slightly fat figure is much better than that of her peers.

It is not difficult to match the navel-baring T-shirt. Whether it is jeans or wide-leg pants, the effect is very good. Of course, if you want to make your legs slim and slender, definitely Give priority to wide-leg trousers, which are the “leg-slimming artifact”. The trousers are cut vertically and wide to hide the flesh, which is very suitable for celebrities with thick legs. To maximize the slimming effect of wide-leg trousers, choose black and use its “visual shrinkage” “Sex” further optimizes the proportions of the legs. Dong Xuan wears black wide-leg pants and a navel-baring T-shirt, which is fashionable and tall. The same-color matching is unified and coordinated to show a sense of luxury. A hot mom becomes a cool girl.

If you want to try a navel-baring outfit but are worried that it will look ugly if you expose your fat, then choose high-waisted bottoms as a match, and use high-waist pants to cover it, and the overall look The proportions will also be optimized. Short tops and long bottoms are a common way of dressing for small girls. It can make up for their lack of height and make the whole person taller and slender. Dong Xuan once wore a similar look to the airport, with a black midriff-baring outfit and high The wide-waisted pants are casual yet sexy, which perfectly makes the belly “disappear”. Pair it with a printed shirt for a free and easy look. Such a Hawaiian-style outfit is very suitable for vacation.

Although navel-baring clothing is very refreshing and reduces age, it is always a bit inconsistent with the age of older women. In addition, most older women’s figures will gain weight and become out of shape. , it is normal to have a small belly. Wearing a midriff-baring outfit will only magnify the shortcomings of the figure and is not conducive to the shaping of personal image beauty. It is recommended to choose conventionally designed items to show your own personality. Dong Xuan’s airport look The T-shirt is a regular style. Tucking the hem into the trousers also has the effect of raising the waistline. The overall outfit is also neat and capable, making you look much younger.

Pure white T-shirts are too plain and boring for fashionistas and do not have too much fashion beauty, but they are very advantageous for older women. The simple and neat design eliminates the pressure of matching and easily highlights your good temperament. The combination of white T + jeans is classic and will not go out of style. The shape has a sense of youthfulness and vitality, which can appropriately reduce the age of older women without having to deliberately look young. It has a good age-reducing effect. Remember to choose straight-leg denim pants or wide-leg styles that will not make you look fat. Dong Xuan’s private clothing is like this, refreshing and elegant.

T-shirts have a strong neutral style. If you want to wear them more femininely, it is recommended to use skirts instead of trousers for a better and more feminine effect. The elegant skirt perfectly displays the gentle temperament of women. The originally neutral style will become more feminine and better interpret the charm of women. There are many styles in the skirt, so it is best to choose Only styles that meet your own conditions are less likely to be overlooked. Dong Xuan’s hip-covering and knee-length skirt is not suitable for girls with pear-shaped bodies.�It will only make the hips and thighs look thicker, and it will not do much to modify the figure.

40-year-old Dong Xuan can’t escape the “middle-aged curse”? Wearing a navel-baring T-shirt to the airport, accidentally exposing her belly. When women reach middle age, they don’t need to deliberately pursue a sense of fashion, and their pursuit of the style of single items should gradually decrease. Instead, they should pay more attention to the texture of single items, which will be more helpful to improve their personal temperament and clothing. Dong Xuan’s dressing style. What do you think?

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