Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News A loose white T can also look tight (matched with a red skirt and is cute and sweet)

A loose white T can also look tight (matched with a red skirt and is cute and sweet)

Women over 30 dress very differently from when they were young. They no longer blindly pursue fashionable styles, but focus on the texture and style of items. She has also gradually transformed from individual …

Women over 30 dress very differently from when they were young. They no longer blindly pursue fashionable styles, but focus on the texture and style of items. She has also gradually transformed from individual fashion to minimalist style. She tries her best to subtract from her own outfits to highlight her good temperament. The clothes of many 30+ actresses in the industry are worth learning from, and Jing Tian is one of them. , at the age of 32, her external condition is still well maintained. She can’t hide her good figure even if she wears a loose white T-shirt. The tightness she shows is amazing. She looks very cute and sweet when paired with a red skirt.

Women over the age of 30 will become more streamlined and neat in selecting and matching styles, and basic models with simple and versatile designs have become a must-have for their wardrobes. Spare parts can not only reduce the sense of inconsistency in the style, but also reduce the difficulty of matching, solving a lot of dressing worries for them. As a must-have basic item in summer, T-shirts are in line with the needs of women over 30 in terms of design and matching. Their dressing needs are highly utilized in their daily looks. Jing Tian’s look this time is mainly T-shirts, and the loose fit makes her look like a tights.

T-shirts are very popular because of their versatile nature. They can be seen in almost every occasion, and they are called “bad street” items. , if you want the style to be more recognizable, it is very important to choose the style. Try to avoid solid color T-shirts with too ordinary designs. Without any fashion elements, it is difficult to get the public’s attention. The style also lacks a sense of fashion. It is recommended to add some printing appropriately. The effect will be better when decorated with elements. The white T in Jing Tian’s look is decorated with black letter prints to get rid of the monotony of the white T and improve its recognition.

T-shirt + skirt are gentle, sweet and feminine. The feminine skirt just neutralizes the neutral style of the T-shirt, highlighting the For feminine charm, if you want to optimize your body proportions, it is best to choose a skirt with a high waist design, or use a tuck hem to create a high waist line, which not only makes the look more capable and tidy, but also lengthens the proportions of the lower body to create a taller look. Tian not only matched it with a high-waisted skirt, but also used the hem of the tunic to optimize the proportions to the extreme. The white T+red gauze skirt is full of enthusiasm and vitality, and purity and charm coexist.

Skirts are not as easy to wear as dresses, but their style is not restricted by tailoring, and the flexible matching methods give the look a variety of styles. Attributes make it possible to support various occasions without any pressure. The designs of some skirts are relatively simple, and they can also realize the efficient dressing method of “one garment for multiple wear” and reduce the chance of wasting single items. In terms of fashion, they are also Printed skirts, different styles of prints give the item more fashionable beauty. Jing Tian wears a white strapless printed long skirt that is fresh, elegant and fashionable, with outstanding temperament.

The length of the skirt is not single. With the knee as the dividing line, the top is a short skirt, which is lively and reduces age and makes you taller. The bottom is divided into Over-the-knee skirts, ankle-revealing long skirts and floor-length skirts all have different height requirements and difficulty in controlling them. Small girls can wear anything from short skirts to ankle-revealing long skirts, which make them look taller. Naturally, it is a short skirt. Tall girls will be more aura when wearing floor-length skirts. Jing Tian’s skirt is similar to a five-quarter length. It cannot be worn without long legs. The irregular skirt design makes it more elegant. .

Among the short skirts, the style that better modifies the body proportions is the A-line skirt. The narrow top and wide bottom style makes girls look slimmer and taller, which helps girls The concave A4 waist and long legs show a more perfect waist-to-hip ratio. In order to enrich the highlights of the shape, the tailoring and design of the single product are good breakthroughs, such as adding classic fashion elements to break the dull feeling, such as plaid. The retro and artistic elements are very elegant, and the striped elements are casual and attractive. The short skirt Jing Tian wears is a plaid style. The high-grade gray is very textured, and the strap design is more tolerant of the figure.

The coolest part of the skirt is the leather skirt, which has lower body requirements than leather pants. The skirt design brings The feeling of restraint is not so strong, and they are naturally slimmer and easier to wear than leather pants. Although they are not very elastic, as long as the looseness of the fit is appropriate, they will not look fat at all. They are also friendly to celebrities with thick legs and want to be a cool girl. You might as well try a leather skirt, which is full of beauty and sass. Jing Tian has worn leather skirts in her previous airport outfits. The metallic silver is trendy, individual and avant-garde. Pair it with a leather jacket of the same style.Very handsome and handsome.

Jing Tian’s good figure can’t be hidden. She can wear a loose white T-shirt to look tight, and she is cute and sweet when paired with a red skirt. There are countless styles of skirts to choose from, and the style is even better than dresses. Choose the right version according to your body shape, and create a good waistline so that you won’t be fooled. You can also learn from the styles of celebrities. See See what matching skills they use in their dressing, and apply what you have learned without fearing that the clothes will not improve. For example, Jing Tian’s skirt style has its own characteristics. Women over 30 may wish to refer to it.

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