Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News A white T-shirt off the street can also look high-end (a pair of beautiful legs is particularly photogenic)

A white T-shirt off the street can also look high-end (a pair of beautiful legs is particularly photogenic)

There are many female stars in the circle who are known as “leg essence”. They know how to give full play to their own advantages in dressing, adding points to the look and better releasing their be…

There are many female stars in the circle who are known as “leg essence”. They know how to give full play to their own advantages in dressing, adding points to the look and better releasing their beauty. Personal charm, and the common way to show off your legs is to wear short bottoms. Shorts are refreshing and free, while short skirts are sweet and lively. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but shorts have a lower risk of exposure and are actually more favored by girls than short skirts. Di Lieba’s private clothes are mostly shorts. This time she also wore a white T-shirt from the street to give a high-end look, and her “milk legs” were highlighted.

T-shirts with simple and neat designs have always been very popular in summer. They can be worn by men, women and children. There are almost no body requirements and there is no difficulty in matching them. The most difficult item to control in summer is the basic color T, which is the most popular and versatile. It has strong color compatibility and is not easy to match with a sense of conflict. Adding printing elements will not make it so boring. Dilireba’s this time For the look, I chose a white letter T. The style is simple and eye-catching, and the version is slightly wider and tolerant of the figure. The black letter print on the white body is in sharp contrast, giving it a high-end feel.

T-shirt + shorts are a must-have combination for young girls in summer, creating a refreshing and neat casual style, showing the youthfulness of girls The shape will become more lively and lively, and it will not look rigid at all. Some people always choose dark-colored shorts, which they think make their legs look slimmer. In fact, the slimming effect depends on the style of the item. Even slim-fitting styles are The slimmest black can also make you look fat. For example, Di Lieba’s bottoms this time are mainly white shorts. The shape is not very slim, but it still looks very comfortable and slim. A pair of white and slender ” Milk Legs” really shines.

Same-color matching is more common in lazy styles. The unified colors present visual coordination that is not obtrusive, and the chance of color matching errors is low, so it is suitable Jimei is not good at color matching. If the selected items are of good texture, they can also improve the style and highlight the sense of luxury. Dilireba’s event outfit this time is white with the same color. The overall freshness is very high, pure white The clothes made her look pure and beautiful, and the oversize denim jacket made her look petite, giving her the illusion of wearing her boyfriend’s clothes.

Denim shorts are the shorts that are wider and wider. The material is stiff and difficult to fit close to the body. The short version can reduce the constraint of the denim fabric. Compared with Denim trousers are more suitable for summer temperatures, and the denim blue is very refreshing and reduces age. Pair it with a white T-shirt casually and it will be full of vitality. No matter how you wear it, it will have a good age-reducing effect. Please note that the elasticity of denim fabric is not very high. If the legs are not very If you are slim, it is recommended to choose a loose style that is not easy to cut into the flesh. For example, the denim shorts like Di Lieba can be worn even if the legs are slightly thicker. The design of the trousers, which are short in the front and long in the back, is very personalized.

There are many options for the length of denim shorts. As long as the length is shorter than the knee, it is considered a member of the shorts. The shorter the version, the better the leg shape. The greater the modification effect, the legs will naturally look slender, but if the fat on the thighs is obvious, there will be nowhere to hide it. However, it is still a great advantage for Jimeis with long legs. Dilireba’s height itself She is not short, and her beautiful legs are also very proportioned. She is sexy and hot in short shorts, and she is very feminine when paired with a one-shoulder top. When she ties up her clothes and a belt, she becomes taller and slender.

Shorts can be worn with different charms through different matching methods. If you want to wear shorts with more sexy charm, you can use the “missing underwear” “The way to wear it is to match it with a long top, and the long hem vaguely covers the bottom to create the illusion of not wearing pants. The fashion sense and sexiness index are doubled, and the style is also very eye-catching. Dilireba This look adopts the “missing bottom” method of wearing. A loose long T-shirt paired with denim hot pants is very youthful and smart. The legs are as thin as a P, and they don’t look short even when wearing flat shoes.

Shorts layered together are very layered, but you need the blessing of a good figure to hold the shape. If the hips and legs are slightly thicker, they will be stretched. Risk. Secondly, the pattern of shorts should be chosen well. It is best to be loose and tight at the same time. It has a clear sense of layering and is not easy to wear tight. Moreover, the length of the shorts must be different to show the characteristics of layering. The inside is long and the outside is short. This is the most common matching method, which can also prevent the pattern from being too short.To solve the problem of exposure, Dilireba wore black safety pants under fluorescent green shorts, which was very conservative, but unexpectedly fashionable.

Dilraba is amazing, even a white T-shirt on the street can look high-end, and her “milk legs” are shining. Although there are many choices of trousers in summer, shorts top the list in terms of freshness. The rich designs and combinations can create a variety of styles, which can meet almost every occasion and alleviate girls’ dressing worries. For Dili Hot Do you think Ba’s all-white look looks good this time?

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