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Wearing a pink bra over a T-shirt doesn’t look tacky (it’s also very fashionable and high-end)

T-shirt is a famous “bad street” item in summer. No matter how fashionable and unique the design is, it will not be difficult to wear anywhere, and there is not much pressure to match it. As a basic…

T-shirt is a famous “bad street” item in summer. No matter how fashionable and unique the design is, it will not be difficult to wear anywhere, and there is not much pressure to match it. As a basic The style is versatile and easy to make mistakes, but you still need to put in a lot of effort to wear it more innovatively. In addition to paying attention to the style, the wearing method is also a breakthrough. For example, T-shirts are very popular among fashionable people when worn layered. Different styles of items A collision of fashion sparks, Zhang Meng’s look this time is just like this. Wearing a pink bra over a red T-shirt is too eye-catching, and the effect is unexpectedly fashionable and advanced.

The utilization rate of bright color styles in T-shirts is not high. Colors that are too bright are very picky on skin color, and improper control can affect personal image. The overall effect is very unsatisfactory. For people who dress conservatively and low-key, it is too flamboyant. It will inevitably lead to the embarrassment of a concave shape. However, for celebrities, bright colors can improve the recognition of the style and win them a lot of attention. Higher exposure. Zhang Meng wore a red T-shirt when she walked to the airport this time. The enthusiastic color made her look lively and smart, and even her skin tone became whiter.

“Wearing underwear outside” is not uncommon in the fashion industry. The bold and individual way of dressing is very eye-catching. You don’t have to worry about not looking back when walking on the road. Fashionable, it is easy to become the focus of the crowd, but such a look requires excellent fashion expression to be able to hold it, and you must choose the right “underwear” item, otherwise it will be counterproductive and make people feel gaudy. I feel that it is low-end and cheap. A look like Zhang Meng’s is not suitable for ordinary people. The bright red T-shirt layered with a pink satin bra is very unique and slightly sexy.

To create a good look, you must learn to use dressing skills. After all, there are very few people with perfect figures. To maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses, you must choose the right one. In addition to the product, you also need to pay attention to the matching method. Take Zhang Meng’s outfit as an example. The top is a red T+pink bra. Both the color and the matching are full of highlights, and the visual sense it brings is strong enough. Then the bottoms It should be simple and simple, which can appropriately neutralize the high-profile feeling of the top. The combination of traditional and simple styles will make the layering more distinct. Paired with a gauze black skirt, it will have a girlish look.

The combination of T-shirt + underwear may seem very trendy and eye-catching, but not everyone can wear it with satisfactory results. For some women, this The combination is flashy, exaggerated and contrived, and really has no practicality at all. The combination of sun protection shirt + T-shirt is more suitable for their dressing needs. Pairing a sun protection thin shirt with a T-shirt is simple and casual, and the light inner layer is rich. It has a sense of layering and can also provide sun protection. If you want to be more eye-catching, you can follow Zhang Meng’s example and choose a printed T-shirt with inner layers, or mix it with ripped pants for more personality and a new level of fashion.

Many people think that layering long and short sleeves will make the look more stuffy. In fact, it mainly depends on the fabric and thickness of the selected item, such as thin Materials such as gauze, lace, chiffon, etc. are all light and breathable. Even the long-sleeved version can still be worn coolly. Among them, solid color inner wear is the least likely to look out of place. To be more prudent, you can just choose versatile ones. Basic colors, and secondly, the combination of dark and light colors can prevent the look from being too monotonous. Zhang Meng’s T-shirt look is worthy of reference. The lace see-through black shirt and blue T-shirt skirt are pure and feminine.

Vest items are not very practical in dressing. They are more often used as decorations to reduce the monotony of the style. It is powerful, but matching it properly can also improve the fashion sense of the look, and the styles of vests are very rich. Different designs will produce different styles. For example, a suit vest has a slightly formal feel, and the special version will not be very rigid. , matching with a T-shirt can just reduce the randomness. Zhang Meng has had this combination in her previous airport look. The printed white T-shirt and black suit vest are intellectual and capable.

T-shirts and shirts are both basic items, but their styles are exactly the opposite. The former is simple and casual, while the latter is elegant. The two are paired together. They can just make up for each other’s shortcomings. In this group of CP, the shirt plays the role of a jacket. The chosen version must be loose, giving the T-shirt enough space to avoid the shape being too tight and cramped. Of course, Don’t be too wide, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. For example, Zhang Meng’s airport look is a combination of T-shirt + shirt. The two styles are just right and hide the flesh.And look thinner.

39-year-old Zhang Meng is really unrestrained. Wearing a pink bra over a T-shirt is not tacky, and it is also very fashionable and advanced. Stacking T-shirts has long been widely popular among the public, especially during the seasonal changes. It not only improves the utilization rate of single products but also enriches the style highlights. The chance of being cheated is not high, and it is difficult to match others’ clothes. If you want to keep your wardrobe, The T-shirts inside have become more innovative. You might as well learn some ways to layer them. Do you think Zhang Meng’s bra style looks good this time?

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